37.4 Viewing the Oracle MiniCluster System

The Oracle MiniCluster landing page provides information about the system and aggregated information about the targets it contains. The page is divided into two parts. The top region consists of dashlets which provides you the general overview of the system.

The first dashlet is the Summary dashlet. It displays the summary of the system, that is, total number of most important target types (servers, disk shelves).

The second dashlet displays the number of open incidents grouped by severity. Oracle MiniCluster collects incidents from all associated targets. You can get more details about incidents by clicking on the numbers in the dashlet. The details are displayed in a table with information such as Target, Summary, Last Updated, Acknowledged, and Status. You can click on a target to view more information of the particular target or click on the summary to view the details of the incident.

The third dashlet displays the time of the last configuration change and last reported incident.

The main page consists of two tabs

The first tab displays the physical view of Oracle MiniCluster servers and disk shelves. Switch between servers and disk shelves using the carousel on the left side of the screen. Click on any target to view important information and to open the target's landing page.

The second tab displays information about disk shelves attached to the servers. Select one or more disk shelves to see details about configuration and status of the disks mounted in the disk shelf.