45.4 Encountering the Login Screen

You encounter the login screen under the following conditions:

  • After supplying a default Cloud Control URL upon initial launch

  • Anytime you subsequently launch the app

  • When you change the default site

  • When you log out

Tap the Settings icon to see a list of sites or to change the default login site. See Managing Settings for more information.

Specify your credentials and tap Login; the Incident Manager opens, displaying the my open incidents and problems view.

If your Enterprise Manager installation does not have a site certificate signed by a valid certificate authority, an alert overlays the login screen noting an invalid certificate. You have the option to continue with the login or change the URL to which you are trying to connect.


If your installed Enterprise Manager uses single sign-on, the SSO process supplants site login. Upon completion of single sign-on, the workflow proceeds to the my open incidents and problems view.