16.5 Discovering and Promoting Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Discovering and promoting Oracle VM Server for SPARC relies on the host discovery. When a host on a control domain is promoted, it triggers the discovery and monitoring of the other domains.


To discover and monitor targets, deploy the EM Agent with sudo privileges or manually install and run the root.sh script.

When an agent is deployed to a control domain or logical domain OS, related targets including the ILOM server, virtual platform, and virtual server are automatically promoted.

When a host is in a logical domain, you should discover the control domain before you add the virtual server targets. If you see a message stating that there is not a virtual platform associated with this virtual server, discover and add the virtual server's primary domain as a managed target.

An Oracle VM Server for SPARC must meet the following prerequisites to be discovered and added:

  • The Oracle Solaris release on the control domain must be Oracle Solaris 11.1 or later.

  • The Oracle VM Server for SPARC software must be version 3.1 or later.

  • The non-privileged user used to install and run the Enterprise Manager agent must be granted the solaris.ldoms.read and solaris.ldoms.ldmpower authorizations and be assigned the LDoms Power Mgmt Observability rights profile. For example:

    /usr/sbin/usermod -A solaris.ldoms.read,solaris.ldoms.ldmpower oracle
    /usr/sbin/usermod -P 'LDoms Power Mgmt Observability' oracle

If other software is consuming a lot of resources on the system or control domain, it might take longer to discover and monitor the target.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC are displayed with the following target display names:

  • Virtualization Platform: <Control Domain OS Host Name> (OVM SPARC Virtual Platform)

  • Virtual Server: <Domain Name>

You can change the display name of a discovered Oracle VM Server for SPARC using the CLI. For example, to change a Virtualization Platform display name:

emcli modify_target -name="Virtual Platform Target Name" -type="oracle_si_virtual_platform_map" -display_name="New Display Name"

To change a Virtual Server display name:

emcli modify_target -name="Virtual Server Target Name" -type="oracle_si_virtual_server_map" -display_name="New Display Name"

See Discovering and Adding Host and Non-Host Targets for more about discovery, promotion, and the steps to promote a host.