33.14 Using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance in Engineered Systems

This section describes the prerequisite for an Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance on engineered systems. A non-root user should have required privileges to view the analytic datasets. If the specific privileges are not assigned, then the analytic metrics displays an error.

If you need data to be collected for the following metrics, the corresponding datasets must be enabled in Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Metric name DatasetName
Replication statistics by Direction repl.bytes[direction],repl.ops[direction]
Replication Ops by Latency  repl.ops[latency]
IOopsByLatency  io.ops[latency]
L2ARC statistics arc.l2_accesses[hit/miss],arc.l2_bytes,arc.l2_size 
NAS IO statistics nfs2.bytes, nfs3.bytes,nfs4.bytes

You can add an extra privilege to a non-root user to access datasets.

To add a privilege in the appliance's user interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance user interface.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. Click USERS.
  4. Select non-root user and click edit icon.
  5. Click Exceptions.
  6. In the Scope drop-down, select Analytics.
  7. Select the read: Read a statistic with this drilldown present check box.
  8. Click ADD.

You can also add an exception to a non-root user using Command Line Interface for reading analytics dataset. For example:

zfssa:> configuration users
zfssa:configuration users> select oemuser
zfssa:configuration users oemuser> exceptions
zfssa:configuration users oemuser exceptions> create
zfssa:configuration users oemuser auth (uncommitted)> set scope=stat
                         scope = stat
zfssa:configuration users oemuser auth (uncommitted)> set allow_read=true
                    allow_read = true (uncommitted)
zfssa:configuration users oemuser auth (uncommitted)> commit
zfssa:configuration users oemuser exceptions>