33.1 Get Started with Managing Storage

Oracle Enterprise Manager discovers and manages storage resources and their components, including storage pools, storage hardware, filesystems, and logical volumes.

A storage server exposes its resources as Logical Units (LUNs) or Shares. A storage client has access to these LUNs and shares, and represents them as its own filesystems or devices and also exposes these filesystems to its own clients, such as applications, databases, or virtual machines.

The System Infrastructure plug-in manages the storage resources for a Storage Appliance and for a Host.

Storage management includes all the activities for making storage resources available to operating systems and virtual assets. The following are some of the activities:

  • Discover storage targets and derive their relationship.

  • Collect configuration and performance metrics for all storage target components.

  • Detect incidents.

  • Monitor the storage target components such as, LUNs, filesystems, projects, and pools.