21.1 Using Self Update

The Self Update feature is accessed via the Self Update home page, a common dashboard used to obtain information about new updates and a common workflow to review, download and apply the updates. The Self Update console frees you from having to monitor multiple channels to get informed about new updates that are available from Oracle. The Self Update console automatically informs you whenever new updates are made available by Oracle. Only those updates that are applicable to your site are shown, eliminating the need to wade through unrelated updates.

21.1.1 What Can Be Updated?

Specific updates authored by Oracle that are usually bundled with specific Cloud Control releases can be updated via Self Update. Some examples are Oracle authored Management Plug-ins or Deployment Procedures. In general, Oracle-supplied entities are read-only. You can create a copy and customize the copy as per your needs but you cannot modify the original Oracle-supplied entity.

These entities can also be published on Oracle Web sites such as Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and My Oracle Support (MOS). You can download and import the entity archive into their Cloud Control deployment using specific import features provided by the updatable entity.

Entity Types That Can Be Updated

Examples of updatable entity types are:

  • Management Agents

  • Management Plug-ins

  • Management Connectors

  • Database Profiles and Gold Images

  • Application Server Profiles and Gold Images

  • Provisioning Bundles

  • Enterprise Manager Deployment Prerequisite Checks

  • Compliance Content

  • Diagnostic Checks