D.2 Target Status Change Updates

Enterprise Manager can automatically update target information for specific target context UI pages without having to refresh the browser page or wait for the status change to be detected by the Response metric, where the collection interval delay may take anywhere from a few tenths of a second to a few minutes.

A target context page displays information about a particular target. It has a context header at the top showing information such as target name, target type, target status, or target menu.

Status change updates are available for the following target types:

  • Agent

  • Host

  • Database Instance (Single Instance Database Only)

  • Application Deployment

  • WebLogic Server

As mentioned earlier, this feature allows target context pages to be updated automatically when that target's status changes (from up to down, for example). By default, automatic status change update is off. You can toggle this feature on and off using the oracle.sysman.core.uifwk.realTimeUIEnabled OMS property.

To enable status change updates, run the following emctl command:

emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.core.uifwk.realTimeUIEnabled -value true