37.4.3 Virtualization Management on the Oracle MiniCluster System

For Oracle MiniCluster virtualization management, the Enterprise Manager Agent has to be deployed to each of the virtualization platforms that is planned to be managed. You can install EM Agents into Oracle Solaris Global and Non-Global Zones using Add Host Targets wizard.


To enable monitoring of Oracle VM for SPARC the non-privileged user used to install and run the Enterprise Manager agent must be granted the solaris.ldoms.read and solaris.ldoms.ldmpower authorizations and be assigned the LDoms Power Mgmt Observability rights profile.

For example:

/usr/sbin/usermod -A solaris.ldoms.read,solaris.ldoms.ldmpower oracle

/usr/sbin/usermod -P 'LDoms Power Mgmt Observability' oracle