22.6 Prerequisites for Configuring Software Library

To administer the different storage types, and to configure software library, keep the following points in mind:

  • Depending on the features or software required for provisioning and patching, you must decide and configure the Software Library storage space. The storage needs change based on the usage pattern.

  • Each OMS host must have a preferred normal host credential set before configuring the location. For OMS Agent File System location configuration, a credential (preferred or named) has to be specified.

  • You (the user configuring the Software Library) must have view privilege on all the OMS, and the agent targets running on the host machine. As per the accessibility verification, you must be able to view, and edit these newly configured locations.

  • To add an OMS Agent storage location, ensure that you have view privileges on the target OMS host, and the agents running on that target host.