18.1 Overview of Deploying JVMD for Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers Hybrid Cloud Management that enables you to monitor certain Oracle Cloud targets using an on-premise Enterprise Manager Cloud Control instance. Leveraging this feature, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control enables you to deploy JVMD Agents on your Oracle Cloud virtual hosts, which can report to a JVMD Engine deployed on-premise. Thus, you can monitor your Oracle Cloud JVM targets and diagnose performance problems in Java applications that are deployed in Oracle Cloud, using an on-premise Cloud Control instance.

For more information on the Hybrid Cloud feature, see Enabling Hybrid Cloud Management.

The deployed JVMD Agent (on the Oracle Cloud virtual host) uses the Hybrid Cloud Gateway Proxy and a Hybrid Cloud Gateway Agent to communicate with the on-premise JVMD Engine. The Hybrid Cloud Gateway Proxy forwards communication from the JVMD Agent to the on-premise Hybrid Cloud Gateway Agent, which in turn forwards the message to the JVMD Engine and from the JVMD Engine back to the JVMD Agent. Reverse communication follows the same flow, that is, the Hybrid Cloud Gateway Agent forwards communication from the JVMD Engine to the Hybrid Cloud Gateway Proxy, which in turn forwards the message to the JVMD Agent.

Note that except cross-tier functions, all JVMD features are supported for a Hybrid Cloud setup.