This image is a screen capture of an appliance's Summary tab view. The right portion of the image contains four tabs vertically, Hardware, Summary, Projects, and Charts. The second tab is highlighted in a red box as it represents the Summary tab. In the left portion of this image, to the top left corner, you can see the storage appliance name, locator light indicating the status of the target, and the IP address. Below this information, you can see a pie chart of title ZFS Storage Pool Distribution in the form of two concentric circles. The inner circle denotes the storage appliance and the outer circle denotes the workpool.

The middle portion of this image displays the Used and Total Space of the storage appliance as 2.6TB/5.5TB, the number of disks as 16, number of pools as 1, number of logical units as 49, and number of shares as 39. To the right of these numbers, you have a small square which lists the storage services. In this square the NFS, iSCSI, and SNMP storage services have a green check mark next to them indicating they are active. The CIFS storage service has a grey x mark indicating that it is not active.