A.2.5 User Requiring Access to SQL Tuning Advisor

  1. On the DB Target host, log in as sysdba and create a <sqltune_admin> user and grant appropriate privileges:
    SQL> create user <sqltune_admin> identified by <password>; SQL> grant select any dictionary to <sqltune_admin>; SQL> grant create session to <sqltune_admin>; SQL> grant oem_advisor to <sqltune_admin>;  
  2. Log in to the Cloud Control console as <gc_user> user, which is JANEMURRY in our example:

    TARGETS > DATABASE > ORADB > Related Links: Advisor Central > SQL Tuning AdvisorEnter login and password for <sqltune_admin> user.

  3. You may now perform SQL Tuning tasks. For example, click on TOP ACTIVITY > Run ASH reports.