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Docupresentment Issues

This section contains the following topics:

On what platforms can I run Docupresentment (IDS)?

What version of Documaker works with my version of IDS?

Can IDS access a Documaker archive on a different platform?

Do I have to restart the system when I make changes to the configuration or MRL?

Why does IDS use a message bus?

Can I use JDBC to access Documaker archives stored on an AIX machine with DB2?

What bridges are used to view GenArc files archived in Documanage?

How does the IDS SOAP message layout affect my application or code?

Can I send files through IDS queues when default queues are in use?

How does IDS

Why do point sizes change when using Acrobat fonts?

Can I print banner pages using the PDF Print Driver?

What are the 14 base fonts distributed with Acrobat Reader?

What is the maximum amount of queue data that can be handled by IDS?

What is the maximum amount of data that can be part of a message sent through the queue?

Can the DSI APIs handle storing and retrieving binary data from a queue?

What is the most efficient way to send input XML data to IDS, FTP, HTTP, and so on?

Can I modify ATCLoadAttachment to take XML data from the queue as input to a REQTYPE?

Can I search for text in PDF files?

What are linearized PDF files?

Does the PDF print driver support the generation of FDF files?

What causes this message to appear when displaying an ASP page?

Can I prevent some pages in a PDF file from being printed?

What causes the LBYRegisterFAPLibLoader to fail?


How do I hide user IDs and passwords in FSIUSER.INI files?

How do I make IDS start automatically after rebooting?

How do I retrieve DPA files via the Documanage Bridge?

How do I set up debug and trace files?

Can I use IDS to run Documaker?

How do I send your own SOAP message?

Where can I find documentation on installing MSMQ or MQSeries?

When using IDS to run Documaker, how do I set it up to use different CUSLIBs?

Can I use a unique ID passed to IDS to name an output file?

What is the maximum length for an MQSeries message?

How does Daylight Saving Time affect the system?