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Creating and Updating the SIEBEL.HTML File

The SIEBEL.HTML file is the data interface between the Siebel application and Microsoft Word. During the document generation process, the Document Server exports merge data into the SIEBEL.HTML file. Microsoft Word then reads this file and inserts the data into the merge fields in the correspondence template. The column headers represent the defined merge fields. The cells contain the merge field values for the most recent correspondence. There is one record for each recipient.

Administrators can augment the set of available merge fields by using Siebel Tools. For information, see Configuring Additional Merge Fields For Correspondence Templates.

The SIEBEL.HTML file is not installed in the preconfigured Siebel application. It is created in the \TEMP directory the first time correspondence is generated.

The administrator can create or update the SIEBEL.HTML file at the following times:

End users can create a local SIEBEL.HTML file if they use disconnected Siebel Mobile Web Clients and want to create personal correspondence templates on their local computers.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up and Using Correspondence.

To initially create or update the SIEBEL.HTML file by generating a blank correspondence template

  1. In Microsoft Word, create and save a blank document.
  2. Navigate to the Correspondence screen, then the Personal Templates view.
  3. In the Templates list, create a new record, and in the Template field, specify the blank correspondence template that you created.
  4. Navigate to the My Correspondence Requests view.
  5. In the Correspondence list, create a new record.
  6. In the Template field, select the template record that you created.
  7. Click Generate.

    The SIEBEL.HTML file that is created in the \TEMP directory contains all the database columns that are for use as merge fields.

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