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Oracle® Retail Predictive Application Server and Applications Cloud Edition Security Guide
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2 Responsibilities

As retailers migrate to the cloud, they must consider how the cloud, and more specifically Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), will impact their privacy, security, and compliance efforts. As the cloud service provider, Oracle Retail works together with customers to meet cloud security objectives.

Retailer Responsibilities

At a high level, retailers are responsible for:

  • Understanding Oracle's security policies

  • Implementing their own corporate policies via Oracle tools

  • Creating and administering users via Oracle tools

  • Ensuring data quality and enforcing end-user devices security controls, so that antivirus, malware, and other malicious code checks are performed on data and files before uploading data

  • Ensuring that end-user devices meet the minimum security requirements

  • Generating public/private key pairs as requested by Oracle Retail

To securely implement RPASCE, retailers and their implementation partners should read this document to understand Oracle's security policies. This document summarizes information and contains links to many other Oracle documents.

Oracle Responsibilities

As the cloud service provider, at the highest level Oracle Retail is responsible for:

  • Building secure software

  • Provisioning and managing secure environments

  • Protecting the retailer's data

RPASCE fulfills its responsibilities by a combination of corporate level development practices and cloud delivery policies. Sections in this document will describe this information in great detail later in this document.