38 Logo Printing

You can print the logo of your Enterprise, property, or revenue center on guest checks, customer receipts, and credit card vouchers. Simphony only supports monochrome bitmap image files. Use Microsoft Paint to convert an image to a monochrome bitmap. Adhere to the following rules governing the size of your logo:
  • The image area must not exceed 98,304 pixels. (Keep in mind that a logo that is 512 x 384 pixels exceeds 98,304 pixels.)

  • The image width must not exceed 512 pixels.

  • The image height must not exceed 384 pixels.

  • The bitmap file must not exceed 8 kilobytes in size.

Simphony does not support logo printing on printers with multi-language cards.

Complete the following tasks to set up logo printing:
  • Upload a logo to Simphony

  • Assign a logo to guest checks, customer receipts, and credit card vouchers

  • Set the printer to print the logo