Configuring the Loadable Payment Card Device

The payment module generally uses payment devices containing internal drivers (for example, magnetic stripe reader (MSR) or radio-frequency identification (RFID)) that are compatible with Simphony and accept payment card information. If this is the case, skip the instructions in this section.

If the payment module uses a physical input device containing a custom driver that is not supported with Simphony, you must configure the third-party device driver to allow communications between the device and Simphony.

  1. Select the Enterprise level, click Setup, and then click Payment Device.
  2. Insert a record, enter the device name, and then click OK.
  3. Double-click the record to open it.
  4. On the General tab, click the Import from a file link.
  5. Browse to [Drive Letter]:\MICROS\Simphony2\EgatewayService\handlers, select [ThirdPartyProvider].dll, and then click Open.
  6. Click the Configuration tab.
  7. From the Assembly/Class section, enter information in the following fields:

    Table 12-21 Assembly/Class Fields

    Field Description


    Enter a description of the device driver (for example, Magtek).

    Driver ID

    Enter a value that matches the device (for example, Magtek350M).

    Display Name

    Enter the name of the third-party device (for example, Magtek). This value appears in the Device drop-down list.

  8. Click Save.