Configuring Currency Conversions

You can configure the manner in which one currency rate converts to another currency rate. Typically, currency conversion rates are set at the Enterprise level, and each property receives the same conversion. If one location has a slightly different conversion rate for the same two currencies, you can set the currency conversion at the zone (for example, a Euro-to-US Dollar conversion might be standard for the Enterprise level, while an airport property has a different rate).

  1. Select the Enterprise, property or zone, click Setup, and then click Currency Conversions.
  2. Insert a record. Each record contains two currencies: a Currency and a Conversion Currency.
  3. Click the ellipsis point (...) button from the Currency column, select the currency, and then click OK.

    This field, divided by the Rate, determines the number of Conversion Currency records.

  4. Click the ellipsis point (...) button from the Conversion Currency column, select the conversion currency, and then click OK. You must select a different currency than the selection in the Currency field. That is, the Currency and Conversion Currency fields cannot contain the same values.

    This field, multiplied by the Rate, determines the number of Currency records.

  5. Enter the conversion Rate.

    The Rate determines how the application calculates the Currency and Conversion Currency. The Conversion and Conversion Reverse fields calculate automatically to show additional information about the record.

  6. Click Save.