Intercontinental Terminals Company has provided safe and reliable terminal services to the petrochemical industry for over four decades.  As the premier storage facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast, ITC ranks at the top of its kind both in capacity and customer service. ITC prides itself on providing top notch customer care while  maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

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Innovative Strategic Project

A Smart Approach Led to a Successful Upgrade from JD Edwards Xe to 9.1

ITC implemented JD Edwards Xe in 2002 and has been operating on a heavily customized version of Xe for over a decade. So, you can imagine the kind of challenges that come with upgrading for the first time in 14 years.

Many Modifications and Customization - ITC has over 1,500 custom and modified objects in JD Edwards. Approximately 20% of modifications were eliminated.

Minimal Business Interruption - ITC operates on a 24×7 basis, so they could not afford any disruption to their business due to the upgrade.

Incremental approach to mitigate risks and applying best practice techniques led to an upgrade completed on time and on budget!

  1. Upgrade and Retrofit Analysis Upfront
  2. Smart Planning and Team Approach
  3. Rigorous Testing and Mock Go-Lives

With the implementation of JD Edwards auditing capabilities, several custom modifications have been replaced.

ITC is now well positioned for further growth and expansion on their upgraded JD Edwards Platform!









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