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Version 12.5.0

Part number: E77111-01


Sample Master Resource Libraries (MRL)
The following sample MRL provide example implementations of Forms, Sections, and other Documaker content as well as matching sample data files.
Title Description
Oracle Documaker Desktop 12.5.0 Sample MRL for Microsoft Windows
This is a sample set of MRL resources used with Documaker Desktop. Download the sample resources for the following files:
  • readme.html: Provides information about the contents of your download.
  • ODDSampleMRL12.5.00.99999W32.exe (where 99999 represents the build number) contains the sample set of MRL resources for use with Documaker Desktop. Last Updated on April 2016


The following Tutorial provides instructions to create, save, edit and renew a policy.
Title Description
Oracle Documaker Desktop 12.5.0 Tutorial

This tutorial contains information on:

  • Creating a new policy
  • Saving a Policy as Work-in-Process (WIP)
  • Retrieving a Policy from WIP
  • Completing (Printing and Archiving) a Policy
  • Renewing a Policy
Last Updated on July 2016

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