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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Attach Additional Network Devices to Compute Instances

By default, each compute instance with a 20Gbps redundant LACP aggregate network device is connected on VLAN 100 (the default VLAN). You can map this device to your datacenter.

Oracle provides two additional network devices, which are not configured, but are attached to separate network paths so you can configure additional redundant network devices.

Complete these steps to add these devices.

  1. Identify the available devices in the compute instance.
    1. Log in to the CLI with root privileges.
    2. Run the following commands to display information for the additional network devices.
      root@opc-192-168-50-6:~# dladm show-phys
      net0  Ethernet  up      10000  full     i40e0
      net1  Ethernet  up      10000  full     i40e1
      net3  Ethernet  up      10000  full     i40e3
      net2  Ethernet  up      10000  full     i40e2
      root@opc-192-168-50-6:~# dladm show-aggr -L
      aggr1 net0   yes             yes   yes   yes   no         no
      --    net2   yes             yes   yes   yes   no         no
      root@opc-192-168-50-6:~# ipadm
      NAME         CLASS/TYPE      STATE   UNDER    ADDR
      aggr1_vnic1  ip              ok      --       --
      aggr1_vnic1/v4static static  ok      --

    From the preceding commands, you can see that four native network ports (net0, net1, net2, and net3) are provided, and that an LACP aggregate device (aggr1) had been created using ports net0 and net2. The aggregate port is then used by one virtual network interface (aggr1_vnic1), which holds the IP address of the instance, and through which the instance CLI is accessed.

  2. Follow these guidelines when you configure additional redundant network devices.
    • Place additional VNICs on top of the aggr1 device.

    • Specify IP, VLAN, and MTU settings, as required (within OPC restrictions).

    • Use VLANs 101-199.

    • Use MTU sizes up to 9000.


      Caution  -  Do not modify the Oracle-provided Aggregation device aggr1 or the corresponding IP device aggr1_vnic1 that is provided on top of it. Doing so can render the compute instance inaccessible and will require you to open a service request (SR) for Oracle to repair the broken network configuration.

    Refer to Strategies for Network Administration in Oracle Solaris 11.3 for procedures to configure the additional networks.