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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Create Initiators and Initiator Groups

Initiators are compute instances that request storage. You can define groups of initiators such that the same target (LUN) is visible to multiple initiators (instances), which allows multiple instances to share access to one or more LUNs as is required for server clustering technologies like Oracle RAC or Oracle Solaris Cluster.

Complete these steps to create an initiator group:

  1. Log in to ZFSSA using the opc user account.
  2. Navigate from the Configuration > SAN screen of the BUI.
  3. Select the iSCSI tab and click the (+) button next to the Initiators label, as shown here.
    image:Figure that shows how to create an initiator.
  4. When the 'Identify iSCSI Initiator' window appears, enter values for the iSCSI initiator and click OK, as shown in this example.
    • The initiator IQN that you noted in Prepare to Mount the Volume (iqn.1986-03.com.sun:01:opc-192-168-50-6).

    • A required alias for the IQN (opc-192-168-50-6).

    • If additional security is required, you can configure CHAP authentication for each initiator. This example does not use CHAP because the Oracle SPARC 300 Service storage network is entirely private, so can only be accessed by instances within your service.

    image:Figure that shows values to supply for the iSCSI                                 initiator.
  5. Create an initiator group.
    1. Drag the newly identified initiator to the 'Initiator Groups' list and edit the name of the group.

      This example uses compute instance group 1.

    2. Click Apply to create the initiator group.