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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Define Storage Projects

Projects are useful containers for specifying the scope of a snapshot of a group of volumes (LUNs). Oracle created a default opc project for you, but you can create additional projects, as needed.

Complete these steps to create a new project. This example uses the opc project.

  1. Log in to ZFSSA using the opc user account.
  2. Navigate from the Shares > Projects screen of the BUI, and from the Projects tab, click the (+) button next to the Projects label, as shown here.
    image:Figure that shows how to create a project.
  3. Enter a project name in the window that appears and click Apply.
  4. Select the project you want to define (opc, in this example).

    Select the project by double clicking the name or by clicking the edit (pencil) button next to the project name.