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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Service Features

Oracle Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300 is a secure, reliable, low-cost, standards-based infrastructure service. You can use it to rapidly access Oracle Solaris Zones on Oracle Cloud with all the necessary storage and networking resources. You can manage and scale your virtualized environments in the cloud easily, and migrate your Oracle and third-party applications to Oracle Cloud.

Let's take a look at some of the features of the service (you can also view a video that provides an overview of these features):

  • Benefit from the performance advantages provided by the hardware used by the service.

    Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service runs on the world's fastest processor, the SPARC M7. This processor dramatically outperforms x86 for Java, database, in-memory, and security workloads. Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service offers superior database performance for real-time analytics through on-chip query acceleration and memory decompression. The SPARC M7 processor also delivers vastly more efficient virtualization than x86, meaning that you can run more applications in your cloud infrastructure with less performance and resource overhead.

  • Migrate your applications to the Oracle public cloud.

    When you subscribe to the service, you are given access to a dedicated environment, called a site, that consists of high-performance SPARC servers reserved for your use. The configuration that you subscribe to for the Oracle Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300 gives you compute power equivalent to 300 OCPUs (a CPU capacity equivalent to ten 30 physical core Oracle SPARC M7 processors) of dedicated virtual computing power running Oracle Solaris 11 in the Oracle Public Cloud.

    You can migrate your on-premises applications to Oracle Solaris Zones that you create on these dedicated sites to take advantage of the compute, storage, and network capabilities that Oracle Compute Cloud Service provides. Because you're the only tenant on the site, you get predictable performance in the cloud. You can extend your data center to Oracle Cloud by requesting Oracle Network Cloud Service - VPN for Dedicated Compute.

  • Use existing licenses with Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service.

    You can use existing Oracle Database, middleware, and application software licenses according to the terms of those licenses and in compliance with Oracle IaaS policies.

  • Create zones using Oracle-provided and custom machine images.

    Create custom Oracle Solaris Zones (kernel zones, native zones, and branded zones) within your Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service. Customizations include the disk size, Oracle Solaris platform version, memory size, and number of vCPUs.

    Using Oracle Solaris Unified Archive tools, you can create, archive, and deploy zone images into native zones, branded zones, or kernel zones.

  • Attach highly-available storage to instances.

    You can use the full capacity of the ZFSSA storage (approximately 32 TB or 60 TB, depending on the revision of the service purchased) to enable all instances in the service to store data, applications, or boot volumes for your zones. If you delete a zone, the data stored in the storage volumes remains intact until you delete the volumes. Once this storage capacity has been exhausted, no additional block storage can be provided using the standard service.

  • Exercise fine-grained control over network traffic.

    You can control network traffic among individual instances and also between specific groups of instances and external hosts. You can also control traffic to and from instances over specific protocols and ports that you can define.

  • Reserve and assign fixed public IP addresses.

    The default SPARC 300 Model Service configuration provides private IPs, for which all traffic to the internet is blocked. Oracle can open ports for you, by request. For an instance that requires access to the Internet, you can reserve and use a static public IP address. See Reserve and Manage Public IP Addresses.

  • Ensure secure access to instances.

    You can configure your Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service zones and instances to be accessed securely from remote hosts by using SSH. Oracle recommends using SSH keys. See Manage SSH Keys for Secure Access.