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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Step 1: Get a Subscription

To get started with Oracle Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300, you must request a paid subscription.

After you purchase the subscription, Oracle will notify you when the service subscription is ready, and you can log in to the service and begin managing instances.

Note -  Trial subscriptions are not available for this release of the service.
  1. Purchase a subscription.

    You cannot order the Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service from the available online tools. Instead, contact an Oracle Sales representative to purchase a subscription. Your Sales representative can review pricing and other information with you. To locate contact information, visit the Oracle Corporate Contact page.

    Note -  You can also access pricing and other product information by selecting the Infrastructure tab at cloud.oracle.com and accessing the Compute page.
  2. Prepare the information needed to order a subscription.

    When you order a paid subscription, Oracle will provide you with a spreadsheet into which you must specify information about the person (yourself, or another person) who will be the account administrator for the service. You will also supply other network and administration information. Refer to the spreadsheet for all of the required information.

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