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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Create a Share

Perform these steps to create an NFS Share using the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance browser user interface (ZFSSA BUI).

  1. On a web UI, use the opc user account to log into the ZFSSA head where you want to create the NFS share.

    You can access the BUI at https://zfssa_head_IP:215

  2. Identify and make note of the ZFSSA network interface information for the share you want to create.

    NFS shares are provided over network interfaces. When configuring a share, you must configure the appropriate network interface over which the share will be served. The Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service provides storage access from the ZFSSA over network devices vnic5 (corresponding to head 1) and vnic7 (corresponding to head 2). You must identify which of these devices you wish to serve the NFS share when configuring the volume.

    Complete these steps to identify the network interface information for the share:

    1. Navigate from the Configuration > Network screen of the BUI, then select the Configuration tab.
    2. Locate the network for the volume from the Interfaces list.

      The network you choose will vary depending on which of the two ZFSSA heads is used for the volume (LUN).

      • Head 1 is associated with the interface named opczs3-2-1-store-aggr.

      • Head 2 is associated with the interface named opczs3-2-2-store-aggr.

    3. Make note of the following information and keep it accessible for upcoming steps.

      In this example, head 1 is used for the volume, so these values are noted:

      • Interface name: opczs3-2-1-store-aggr

      • VNIC short name: vnic5

      • IP address:

    image:Figure that shows the locations of the locations of the VNIC shortnames.
  3. Create an NFS share.

    NFS shares are created in the Shares page of the ZFSSA WebUI. A simple share creation is shown in the following steps. Detailed configuration is beyond the scope of this document. Refer to the ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide for detailed configuration information.

    1. Navigate to the Shares > Shares screen of the BUI, then click on the + symbol next to the Filesystems heading to begin creating a new Filesystem Share.
    2. In the Pop-up window, configure at least these options:
      1. Select the appropriate project where the share will reside.
      2. Define a name for the share.
      3. Select appropriate permissions and mountpoints.
      4. Apply any other options based on your use case.