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Using Oracle® Compute Cloud Service - Dedicated Compute Capacity - SPARC Model 300

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Updated: April 2018

Service Port Details

Ports for services (like https and ssh) are required between network endpoints between your data center, the Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service, and the Internet. To ensure that you can connect to your Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service from your data center, while maintaining a secure connection to the outside world, the service ports have been configured in the following manner, which can be modified through a request to Oracle Support.

  • For connections between your data center and the Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service through the VPN service, all ports are set by default to permit, allowing all open communication. To restrict this port access, open a service request (SR) with Oracle Support, or deny the port on the customer VPN side. For information about opening an SR, see Step 5: Learn About Opening Service Requests and Cloud Support Help: Service Requests.

  • For connections from the Oracle SPARC Model 300 Service to anything on the public IP space, all ports are set by default to deny, preventing any service port to connect across this public connection. To open port access, submit an SR with Oracle Support.