For any company that deals with sensitive data, keeping it secure is crucial to success. While hosting Primavera Cloud data on the Oracle Cloud provides security measures, it can't do everything. For example, it can't prevent phishing attempts or other attacks that exploit gaps in its users' security awareness. That's why it's important for everyone who works with Primavera Cloud to understand what they can do to keep data secure.

Who this guide is for

Security is everyone's business. This guide is for anyone who uses, manages, or is just interested in Primavera Cloud. If you're a security expert or administrator, this is a good place to start. It should help you see the big security picture and understand the most important guidelines related to security in Primavera Cloud.

For comprehensive information on administrative features, including those related to security, refer to the Primavera Cloud Application Administration Guide and the Oracle Primavera Cloud REST API guide.

Some Security Basics

We'll use the term administrator to refer to anyone who's responsible for managing a company's data and who can access that data. For our purposes, administrators include a wide variety of IT professionals, from those who define roles in the Primavera Cloud application to those who manage company servers.

An end user is anyone who uses Primavera Cloud to do their job. This includes project managers, subcontractors, general contractors, and everyone else who logs into Primavera Cloud from an office or jobsite to get their work done.

Administrators should...

End users should...

Last Published Wednesday, March 20, 2024