Client System Requirements

Our goal is to provide customers with the best experience and advanced capabilities, while maintaining maximum security. As products are enhanced, older technology may no longer provide the capabilities required to support these key objectives. Oracle recommends the use of certified technologies.

Certified technologies undergo full testing for new features and regressions. Oracle has tested on the configurations listed in this document and certifies this version to work with these technologies. Customers using non-certified technologies do so at their own risk.

For information on certified platforms for Oracle and other third-party technologies, refer to the certification matrix of the respective technology and select the platform compatible with your Primavera applications and the respective technology.

For your reference, please refer to Oracle Software Technical Support Policies for the specific and complete Oracle Support terms and conditions.

Note: If any problems are found with non-certified technologies, these may take longer to investigate and resolve by Oracle. Oracle will only test and have access to tested platforms and configurations. The resolution for any issues with non-certified technologies may require the use of a certified technology.

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Last Published Wednesday, April 3, 2024