Views Overview

A view is a configured visual layout of a page. Views allow you to customize content and layout choices such as column selection, filtering, grouping, and sorting. Some pages support additional view options, such as Gantt charts, Gantt bars, and spreadsheet rows. Selecting the best view for your needs can facilitate the process of managing data in Primavera Cloud.

Some pages support the ability to save named views. Named views can be saved as one of the three following types: Personal, Project, and Workspace. Personal views are private and only accessible to the user who created them. Project views are saved at the project level and can be accessed by other members of the project. Likewise, workspace views are saved at the workspace level and are available to all users in the workspace. Available view types may vary by page. A fourth named view type, standard, can be found on the Activities and Budget Planning pages. Standard views are views that come with Primavera Cloud and contain pre-configured view options. They are read-only, but you can modify the view options and save the modifications as a new view.

On pages that support named views, you can create any number of views necessary to display your layouts. Personal, project, and workspace named views can be added, modified, and deleted in the Manage Views panel on a page. On pages without named views, available view options are configured in the Settings panel and are applied and saved to the page.

For pages that support named views and autosave, you can configure if view changes to those pages are saved manually or automatically by configuring the Save Views options in Preferences.

Available view options will vary by page. The title of the Settings icon may be specific to the grid or detail window that the icon pertains to. For example, the title of the icon for the Activities grid is Activities Grid Settings.

Last Published Wednesday, March 20, 2024