Add a Payment Application

Payment applications document the amount of money to be paid for each payment made during the execution of an agreement.

When it's time to request a payment for work on a contract or make a payment for a subcontractor's work on a commitment, use a payment application.

To add a payment application:

  1. In the object selector, select a project.
  2. In the sidebar, hover over Contracts and Commitments, and select Payment Applications.
  3. In the payment application list, select Add.
  4. In the new payment application row, enter information about the payment application.

    Use the Associated Agreement field to specify the contract or commitment.

  5. Select Save.
  6. Select the name of the new payment application.
  7. On the Payment Applications page, select the Schedule of Values tab.
  8. On the Schedule of Values tab, edit the values for each line item in the associated agreement.
  9. Select Save.