Approve or Reject a Payment Application

If you are in charge of reviewing, approving, and rejecting payment applications, then you will receive an inbox notification every time a payment application is submitted for your review.

To approve or reject a payment application:

  1. In your Inbox, select the notification that says "[Payment application name] has been submitted for your review."
  2. Select View Payment Application.
  3. Review all of the payment application's details on the General, Summary, Schedule of Values, and Files tabs.
  4. When you are ready to approve or reject the payment application, select Actions , and then select Approve or Reject.

    In the Approve or Reject dialog box, in the Notify Users field, select all users who you want to receive Inbox notifications about your decision.

  5. If you choose to approve the payment application, provide a date in the Approval Date field.
  6. In the Comment text area, provide any more information that you want the users that you added to the Notify Users list to receive.