Add and Submit a Change Order from a Potential Change Order

After you have closed a potential change order, you can set up the change order that explains how a subcontractor should proceed with their updated scope.

To add and submit a change order from a potential change order:

  1. In the object selector, select a project.
  2. In the sidebar, hover over Contracts and Commitments, and select Potential Change Orders.
  3. On the Potential Change Orders page, find the PCO for which you want to make a change order.

    Make sure the status of the PCO is Closed - Approved.

  4. Select the Context menu, and then select Add Change Order.

    You can also do this from the Actions menu in the PCO record.

  5. In the Add Change Order dialog box, enter information about the change order and select Add.

    If you want to copy line items from the potential change order and add them to the new change order, select Copy Line Items.

  6. In the new change order record, enter information about the change order.

    Make sure you include any relevant line items and their cost impacts on the Line Items tab.

  7. Select the Actions menu, and then select Submit.
  8. In the Submit dialog box, in the Notify Users field, select the users who you want to be notified of the change order.
  9. In the Comment field, enter any additional information about the change order.
  10. Select Submit.