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Configuring the NavBar to Appear in the Classic Portal Header

If you are configuring fluid pages to be accessible from desktop computers, which will also be accessing classic pages, it is recommended to update the system branding options so that both classic and fluid pages share a common header, making the transition between classic pages and fluid pages more seamless, from the end user perspective.

To configure the NavBar to appear in the classic portal header:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Portal, Branding, Branding System Options.

  2. On the Branding System Options page, set the following:

    • Default Branding Theme: DEFAULT_THEME_TANGERINE_ALT

    • Theme Style Type: Tangerine (PT8.53 default)

    • Default Style Sheet Name: PSSTYLEDEF_TANGERINE

  3. Click Save.

  4. Sign out and sign on to the system.

Image: Fluid Banner Displayed in Classic Mode

This example illustrates how the fluid user interface banner can be configured to display when accessing classic PIA pages.

Fluid banner displayed in classic mode and classic page