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PeopleSoft Query Overview

PeopleSoft Query is an end user reporting tool. With PeopleSoft Query, you can extract the precise information that you are looking for by using visual representations of your PeopleSoft database, without writing SQL statements. The queries that you write can be as simple or as complex as necessary; they can be one-time queries or queries that you use repeatedly. This document explains the basic concepts of selecting data, designing simple and complex queries, and sending query results to other reporting tools.

To take full advantage of the information covered in this book, you should be comfortable using Microsoft Windows and should have a basic familiarity with relational database concepts and SQL. In addition, this book assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to use PeopleSoft applications and are familiar with PeopleTools.

You can use PeopleSoft Query in the following ways:

Note: Because PSQUERY is confined by the query limitations that are imposed by the platform on which PSQUERY runs, invalid queries that result in database errors will also result in errors when constructed and run through PSQUERY.