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Signing In to PeopleSoft Applications

Signing in to a PeopleSoft application is like opening a secured page on a website.

Access your default browser window.

  1. Enter the URL for your application or select the bookmark for the page where you want to work.

    The Sign In page appears.

  2. Select the language in which you want your transaction pages to appear.

  3. Enter your user ID and password.

    Your user ID and password are case sensitive. For security reasons, passwords always appear as asterisks in the display as you enter them.

  4. Press the Tab and Enter keys or click the Sign In button to sign in.

    The PeopleSoft online system validates your user ID and password. If either the user ID or password is invalid, the system displays an error message below the Sign In button. You must reenter your user ID and password or contact your security administrator for assistance.

After you sign in, the mouse pointer turns into a small hourglass, signifying that the online system is initiating your request. Whenever the system accesses data in the database, the hourglass appears on your desktop. If you entered valid signin information, the system displays the homepage for your PeopleSoft system.

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture structure provides single signon access, which allows you to work in multiple PeopleSoft applications and databases without having to sign in to each application. If your site has not implemented single signon, the system prompts you to enter a user ID and password each time you access a different PeopleSoft application.

For security purposes, your PeopleSoft system logs you out of your application after a period of inactivity determined by your security administrator. Before your session times out, the system might provide a warning that your browser session is about to expire. You can continue with your current session by clicking the OK button in the warning message. If you do not respond within two minutes, the session ends and the expired connection page opens. To return to your application, click the Sign in to PeopleSoft link. The Sign In page appears, and you can sign in to the application again.

Important! To ensure data security in environments where multiple users have access to the same workstation, users should close the browser after logging out of the PeopleSoft system.