Description of the illustration admin118.eps

This illustration shows two CDBs. Both CDBs have a CDB$ROOT container, a PDB$SEED container plugged into the root, several PDBs plugged into the root, and an application container plugged into the root. Each application container has an application root, an application seed, and several application PDBs. The top CDB has one application PDB in its application container that is being referenced for a new view PDB in the application container in the bottom CDB. The illustration shows a database link going from the application root in the application container in the bottom CDB to the application PDB being referenced in the application container in the top CDB. The illustration shows the referenced application PDB’s SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespace files copied to a new location. The illustration shows the view PDB using the copied files. A CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE ... AS VIEW... FROM statement creates the view PDB.