Understanding Guided Self-Service Transactions

In PeopleSoft eProfile Manager Desktop, the Guided Self Service (GSS) feature enables you to configure self-service transactions that guide users through managerial processes while displaying contextual information. You can also use guided self-service to combine related tasks (for example, a promotion and a salary increase), thus simplifying processes and minimizing change management efforts.

You create guided self-service transactions using a series of questions that are associated with a specific action and action reason and with job and compensation fields that you choose. The questions can be associated with supporting text to help users answer the questions. The manager’s answers then control which pages and fields appear during the guided self-service process. You choose these pages and fields using the Transaction Configuration - Questionnaire Page.

Oracle delivers these guided manager self service transactions:

  • Change Full / Part Time Status

  • Demote Employee

  • Promote Employee

  • Request Ad Hoc Salary Change

  • Request Location Change

  • Request Leave of Absence (used for unpaid leaves of absence)

  • Request Paid Leave of Absence

  • Request Reporting Change

  • Retire Employee

  • Terminate Employee

  • Transfer Employee

Guided self-service transactions are also configured to use workflow and approval capabilities. For more information on manager self-service transactions and using approvals, see Understanding the Management of Direct Reports.