5.2 Using DCLI to Install Oracle R Enterprise on Exadata

You can use DCLI to simplify the installation of Oracle R Enterprise on Exadata.

With DCLI, you can use a single command to install Oracle R Distribution and Oracle R Enterprise Server across multiple Exadata compute nodes. The following example shows the output of the DCLI help option, which explains the basic syntax of the utility.

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For more details about DCLI, go to the My Oracle Support website, log in with your Customer Support Identifier, and type DCLI in the search box.

Example 5-1 DCLI Help Option Output

$ dcli -h
Distributed Shell for Oracle Storage
This script executes commands on multiple cells in parallel threads.
The cells are referenced by their domain name or ip address.
Local files can be copied to cells and executed on cells.
This tool does not support interactive sessions with host applications.
Use of this tool assumes ssh is running on local host and cells.
The -k option should be used initially to perform key exchange with
cells.  User may be prompted to acknowledge cell authenticity, and
may be prompted for the remote user password.  This -k step is serialized
to prevent overlayed prompts.  After -k option is used once, then
subsequent commands to the same cells do not require -k and will not require
passwords for that user from the host.
Command output (stdout and stderr) is collected and displayed after the
copy and command execution has finished on all cells.
Options allow this command output to be abbreviated.

Return values:
 0 -- file or command was copied and executed successfully on all cells
 1 -- one or more cells could not be reached or remote execution returned
      non-zero status.
 2 -- An error prevented any command execution

 dcli -g mycells -k
 dcli -c stsd2s2,stsd2s3 vmstat
 dcli -g mycells cellcli -e alter iormplan active
 dcli -g mycells -x reConfig.scl
usage: dcli [options] [command]

 --version           show program's version number and exit
 -c CELLS            comma-separated list of cells
 -d DESTFILE         destination directory or file
 -f FILE             file to be copied
 -g GROUPFILE        file containing list of cells
 -h, --help          show help message and exit
 -k                  push ssh key to cell's authorized_keys file
 -l USERID           user to login as on remote cells (default: celladmin)
 -n                  abbreviate non-error output
 -r REGEXP           abbreviate output lines matching a regular expression
 -s SSHOPTIONS       string of options passed through to ssh
 --scp=SCPOPTIONS    string of options passed through to scp if different from
 --serial            serialize execution over the cells
 -t                  list target cells
 --unkey             drop keys from target cells' authorized_keys file
 -v                  print extra messages to stdout
 --vmstat=VMSTATOPS  vmstat command options
 -x EXECFILE         file to be copied and executed