Access Data Visualization

You access Data Visualization from the Oracle Analytics Cloud Home page. You can begin all of your data visualization tasks from the Home page.

You can also use the Home page to perform analyses and dashboards tasks (for example, search the catalog for BI objects, create an analysis, or click a dashboard’s thumbnail to open and use the dashboard). If you have the proper permissions, you can access the Console from the Home page to perform administration tasks.

  1. Log in to Oracle Analytics Cloud by using one of the following methods:
    • Open your "Welcome to Oracle Analytics Cloud" email, click the link to the service, and sign in.
    • Sign in to Oracle Cloud at and then select Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  2. In the Home page, click the option for the data visualization task you want to perform. Examples of tasks and how to begin them include:
    • Display the Create pane to create a new project, data set, connection, data flow, sequence, or script. See Create a Project and Add Data Sets.
    • Click the Navigation icon at the top of the Home page to display options such as Projects, Data, Machine Learning, Console and Academy. For example, click Data to view a list of existing data sets. See Typical Workflow to Add Data from Data Sources.
    • Browse the thumbnails that display on the Home page to locate the project that you want to open. Or use the Projects page’s Search Projects field to search for a project. See Search for Saved Projects and Visualizations.
    • Use the Home page’s What are you interested in? field to use Oracle Ask to quickly create impromptu visualizations. See Visualize Data with BI Ask.