Description of the illustration color04.gif

This image shows the Manage Color Assignments dialog you use to manage color assignments for attributes and measures in a visualization. This dialog is divided into two areas. The first area is the Series Color Palette, which shows the name of the palette used in the visualization and displays a bar containing the colors used in the palette. The name of the palette is also a link that you can click to access a drop-down list of names and color bars of all the available palettes. You can click a color bar to select it as your visualization’s color palette.

The second area displays the name of the attribute or measure that color is applied to. Each value that’s assigned a color is displayed, and you can click the square showing the value’s color to access the color picker dialog to select a different color. For measures, a color range showing the shades of color used is displayed. For measures, the Edit Options icon shows that you can click to reverse the color range, pick a different color, pick a different color range, and specify how many shades that you want in the color range.

Finally, the Reset Series Colors button is displayed at the bottom of the screenshot. You can click this button to reset the color preferences that you specified in the dialog.