Description of the illustration colorpicker01.gif

This image shows the Manage Color dialog displaying a list of values for the Product Category attribute. In front of each attribute is a square showing the color assigned to it. In this screenshot, it shows that the Furniture attribute value’s preceding blue square is selected. Because this blue square is selected, the color picker dialog is displayed.

The color picker dialog displays a group of squares, one showing each color from the visualization’s color palette. All colors in the palette are represented in this group of squares. Within this group of squares, the color assigned to the chosen attribute is displayed. In this image, the chosen color is blue.

A larger square showing the blue color spectrum is displayed, and you can click within this color spectrum to select the exact shade of blue that you want to use instead of the palette’s default blue. A field is displayed below the color spectrum square, and in this field you can enter the HTML color code (hexadecimal) that you want to use. This image shows the code #267db3 in the field.

To the right of the chosen color’s spectrum square, there is a color bar showing all color groups in the color spectrum (that is orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and red). To change the focus of the color spectrum square, click the color group in the color bar that you want to view in the color spectrum square. At the bottom of the color picker dialog, there’s an OK button that you click to save your color selections.