Understanding the Minimum Requirements for the Lift and Shift Process

The following are some of the considerations which users need to plan before migrating environments to Oracle Cloud:

  • Supported Oracle versions are 11g and 12c.

  • If you do not want to make application access public, other alternatives like VPN must be evaluated.

  • If you do not want your web sites to be public, you will have to work with the Cloud team to figure out alternatives. (For example, VPN.)

  • All third party integration will need to be manually reviewed and set up.

  • If the lifted environment requires COBOL, then it must be manually installed and configured after Cloud Manager shifts the environment.

  • Users may have to get new certificates for SSL and SFTP support.

  • The minimum PeopleTools version should be PeopleTools 8.55.12.

  • The Minimum PeopleSoft applications version should be PeopleSoft 9.2

  • Lift and Shift is supported only on Linux environments. Any OS specific customizations will not be lifted and must be manually re-configured on the shifted environment.

  • Any application specific software/installations/configurations will need to be manually configured.

  • Lift of non-unicode Database is not supported for this release.

  • Lift of RAC Database is not supported for this release.¬†

  • Lift of TDE enabled¬†Database .mine is not supported for this release.

  • Lift should be performed on a Linux system with Python 2.7.9 set as default for Python.

  • When performing Remote Lift and connecting to the remote machine with a password, please ensure not to have special characters such as *? [ ] ' " \ # ; & ( ) | ^ < > new-line space and tab in the password.