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If you are new to JD Edwards, or new to the latest software release, check out this collection of content. The topics highlighted on this page introduce you to general navigation, help resources, and mobile device setup for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

JD Edwards Fundamentals

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software provides a flexible, configurable solution in the face of constantly changing technology and enterprise practices. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software separates business rules from the underlying technology. As new technologies emerge, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software enables you to easily add them to the framework of your enterprise.



Need help? Find it at My Oracle Support. Oracle's one-stop online technical support portal offers a wealth of resources for Oracle Premier Support customers. Search knowledge, participate in communities, log/track service requests, sign up for alerts, view product health recommendations, download product updates/patches, take advantage of Oracle Maintenance and Upgrade Advisors, and more. Learn more about Oracle Support on Review a list of My Oracle Support Frequently Asked Questions.

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Review the following How-To training resources to get started using My Oracle Support today!

Get Proactive

The Get Proactive with JD Edwards knowledge document on My Oracle Support provides resources in these areas:

  • Prevent - Keep your system healthy and up-to-date.
  • Resolve - Help yourself to faster resolutions.
  • Upgrade - Maintain a certified platform for your JD Edwards implementation.

Information Centers

Information Centers present content for a given focus area in categories for easy browsing. Each page of the Information Center contains links to related content including Oracle documentation, communities and community threads, bugs, and knowledge-base documents. Start at the Index of Information Centers for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to easily locate information.

Advisor Webcasts

Delivered through WebEx, Oracle's Advisor Webcasts are live presentations given by subject matter experts who deliver knowledge and information about Oracle services, products, and technologies. You can review a current schedule as well as archived recordings on Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived Recordings.

Support Blogs

Stay current on general support news and updates using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Support Blog and the JD Edwards World Support Blog.


The Certifications tab on My Oracle Support provides information on the technical requirements for your JD Edwards installation or upgrade.

Change Assistant

The Using Change Assistant to Find, Research, Download and Deploy ESUs document details the necessary steps you need to find, research, download and deploy a software update ESU patch (including Planner, Baseline and Fix Current ESUs) using the Change Assistant tool.

Frequently Used Terms and Acronyms

While browsing through this website, you may come across abbreviations and acronyms. The following table provides a complete list of such abbreviations used on this website.

If you don't see the term or acronym that you are looking for, click here.

Acronym Description
AAI Automatic Accounting Instructions
AB Address Book
AIS Application Integration Services
Apps Applications
ASI Automated Special Instructions
BI Business Intelligence
BIP Business Intelligence Publisher
Blue Stack IBM Products and Technologies
Bug Software and Documentation Defects
Bug ID Unique Identifier for Bugs
CafeOne Composite Application Framework
CDK Configuration Development Kit
Certify List of Technical Requirements
CNC Configurable Network Computing
DAD Data Access Driver
DBA Deductions, Benefits & Accrual / Doing Business As / Database Administrator
DD Data Dictionary
Doc ID Unique Identifier Used in My Oracle Support
E1 or EOne EnterpriseOne - JD Edwards Product
EAM Enterprise Access Manager
ESU Electronic Software Update
EXA Exadata and Exalogic Technologies
FIN Financials
FM Financial Management
Footprint Collection of Implemented Products and Technologies
GUID Globally Unique Identifier
HCM Human Capital Management
ILT Instructor Led Training
IM Inventory Management
IoT Internet of Things
JCA Job Cost Accounting
JDE JD Edwards
JDE E1 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
LIMIT Lot-Size Inventory Management Interpolation Technique
LOB Line of Business
LVC Live Virtual Class
M&D Manufacturing and Distribution
MOQ Maximum Order Quantity
MOS My Oracle Support
MRP Material Requirements Planning
MTR Minimum Technical Requirement
OBA Oracle Business Accelerators
OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
OLL Oracle Learning Library
OPN Oracle Partner Network
OTN Oracle Technology Network
OU Oracle University
OVI Oracle Validated Integration
OVM Oracle Virtual Machine
OVR One View Reporting
Purple Stack Mix of Oracle and IBM Products and Technology
QBE Query by Example
Red Stack Oracle Products and Technology
SIG Special Interest Group
SR Service Request
SSC Self Study Course
TOI Transfer of Information
UBE Universal Batch Engine
UDC User Defined Code
UDO User Defined Object
UE User Experience
UI User Interface
UPK User Productivity Kit
VAT Value Added Tax
VM Virtual Machine
WF Workflow
WLS WebLogic Server
World Software JD Edwards Product

Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services