Health and Safety Incident Management

The JD Edwards Health and Safety Incident Management system enables organizations to report and track occupational incidents and analyze incidents on a myriad of dimensions to gain valuable insight into the who, what, where, when, and why for your incidents, as well as calculate the important incident safety statistics.

Visibility, Accountability, and Root-Cause Analysis for Incident Management


    Comprehensive Incident Management

    Not every incident involves injured or ill employees. Quite often, property, equipment, motor vehicles, or people other than your employees are involved. Health and Safety Incident Management allows you to manage all types of incidents,not just those involving employees.

    Regulatory Reporting of Incidents

    Comprehensive information captured for incidents can easily be reported to meet OSHA and BLS requirements. By leveraging the built-in integration with Oracle's BI Publisher, you can also meet other regulatory agencies requirements.

    User Defined Data (flexible fields)

    Enables user to define and capture additional information related to health and safety incidents using user defined data. These flexible fields extend the information that can be associated with the incident master record, beyond what is provided out of the box.

    UX One for Health and Safety

    Safety Officers can access UX One pages to receive important alerts, analyze data, and act on the information they see.