Homebuilder Management

Provides industry-specific functionality in a flexible framework to manage, coordinate, communicate, and analyze profitability throughout the home-building cycle.

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  • Setting Up the Job Cost System
  • Job Cost Implementation Guide
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Training: ILT/LVC - Job Cost Accounting Rel 9.2


Increasing profitability and efficiency with proactive management of the repetitive building process

Integrated Homebuilder Management

The Homebuilder Management system has been designed with an emphasis on integration, flexibility, and ease of use.

Starting with a Solid Foundation

Establish and manage the products offered to buyers, including communities or subdivisions, phases, lots, plans, elevations, and options.

Managing Procurement Effectively

Control how far forward to generate these commitments—for pre-start activities, all the way through close, or anything in between.

UX One Role for Lot Start Manager

UX One for Lot Start Managers can access UX One pages to receive important alerts, analyze data, and act on the information they see.

Improving project performance with real-time visibility for maximized project profitability

Keeping Data in Sync

The project budgets are fully integrated with general ledger information real-time which means that data can never be out of sync.

Throwing Away the Crystal Ball

To help you take the guesswork out of developing final project values, methods of computation (MOC) formulas are built into Project Costing.

Satisfying Competing Needs

Simultaneously fulfill your reporting needs and those of the project owner, the job site, and your corporate office.

UX One for Project Costing

Project Managers can access the UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.