JD Edwards and Oracle Cloud

Optimize with IaaS, Extend with PaaS and Complement with SaaS.

Infrastructure as a Service

Running JD Edwards on Oracle IaaS enables you to use the computing, network, and storage capabilities of Oracle Cloud on a subscription basis and minimize costs incurred for hardware and routine maintenance.

JD Edwards delivers an easy-to-use One-Click Provisioning console that automates the process of deploying and scaling out an EnterpriseOne environment to Oracle Cloud. Configure your account details and orchestrate your deployment plan by choosing the EnterpriseOne components, server names, and virtual machine sizes to deploy.

Why Move to IaaS?


    Foster Innovation

    • Launch new apps more quickly with on-demand infrastructure availability
    • Focus on your strategic priorities and differentiation, not managing infrastructure
    • Put control directly in the hands of teams that consume infrastructure

    Optimize Cost Models

    • Reduce reliance on or eliminate on-premises data centers
    • Reduce undifferentiated work, increase focus on mission
    • Transition your IT spend from fixed cost to paying for only what you consume
    • Gain the ability to increase capacity when demand spikes

Platform as a Service

Through Oracle PaaS, we provide the ability to develop, deploy and drive insights across applications and data. You get a complete, standards-based suite of Oracle and open source technologies that help you automate business processes through cloud and artificial intelligence.

What does Oracle PaaS Offer JD Edwards Customers


    Connected Enterprise

    • Integration and service orientated architecture
    • Integrate on-premises and cloud applications and services
    • Pre-built adapters and patterns

    Vendor Managed Platform Components

    • Databases and Java
    • Stay up-to-date and keep your environment scalable
    • Save costs

    Digital Platform Accelerators

    • Mobile, IoT, Process, Content and Experience
    • Enable rapid uptake for digital business processes
    • Pre-shipped solutions and blueprints

    Modern Development Tools

    • Application Builder, Container, Developer
    • Simplified development and rapid deployment
    • Native architecture for Cloud first - Mobile first models

Software as a Service

Integrate your JDE environment with complementary Oracle SaaS to connect processes and people, and extend value of your business processes. Choose from best-in-breed unified suite of SaaS applications. These are pre-packaged, real time adaptive intelligent applications that are delivered to you as a service.

Connect and Integrate with Oracle Saas


    Connect and Extend

    Connect processes and people across the enterprise, and extend the value of business processes with complementary SaaS applications

    Choose and Use

    Choose from the best-in-breed, unified suite of pre-packaged, real-time, adaptive, and intelligent SaaS apps delivered as a service

Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services