Infrastructure as a Service

Running JD Edwards on Oracle IaaS enables you to use the computing, network, and storage capabilities of Oracle Cloud on a subscription basis and minimize costs incurred for hardware and routine maintenance.

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Why Move to IaaS?

Foster Innovation

  • Launch new apps more quickly with on-demand infrastructure availability
  • Focus on your strategic priorities and differentiation, not managing infrastructure
  • Put control directly in the hands of teams that consume infrastructure

Optimize Cost Models

  • Reduce reliance on or eliminate on-premises data centers
  • Reduce undifferentiated work, increase focus on mission
  • Transition your IT spend from fixed cost to paying for only what you consume
  • Gain the ability to increase capacity when demand spikes

What does Oracle PaaS Offer JD Edwards Customers

Connected Enterprise

  • Integration and service orientated architecture
  • Integrate on-premises and cloud applications and services
  • Pre-built adapters and patterns

Vendor Managed Platform Components

  • Databases and Java
  • Stay up-to-date and keep your environment scalable
  • Save costs

Digital Platform Accelerators

  • Mobile, IoT, Process, Content and Experience
  • Enable rapid uptake for digital business processes
  • Pre-shipped solutions and blueprints

Modern Development Tools

  • Application Builder, Container, Developer
  • Simplified development and rapid deployment
  • Native architecture for Cloud first - Mobile first models

Connect and Integrate with Oracle Saas


Connect processes and people, across the enterprise


Choose from Best-in-breed, unified suite of SaaS apps


Extend value of business process with complementary SaaS applications

Use it as a Service

Pre-packaged, real-time adaptive intelligent applications delivered as a service