Sales Order Management

Efficiently manage the complexity of different types of orders from multiple channels in a way that minimizes order entry costs, exceeds customer expectations, and ensures order profitability.

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  • Overview: Sales Order Management
  • Data Sheet: Sales Order Management
  • UX One Role: Customer Service Manager User Guide
  • UX One Role: Customer Service Representative User Guide
  • Order Entry Mobile Application
  • Search Sales Order Mobile Applications
  • Sales Held Order Release Mobile Applications
  • Sales Order Counts Mobile Applications
  • Customer Order Overview Mobile Applications
  • White Paper: Mobile Order Entry - Third-Party Credit Card Plug-In
  • Data Sheet: One View Reporting for Sales Order Management


  • Sales Order Management Guide
  • Setting Up Order Processing Information
  • Setting Up Customer Information
  • Setting Up UCC 128 Compliance
  • Setting Up Base and Standard Pricing
  • Information Center: Sales Product
  • Improve Order Entry Process Using Order GuidesNEW!


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  • Advanced Pricing Implementation Guide
  • Setting Up the EnterpriseOne Advanced Pricing
  • Basket Pricing for Procurement


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  • Overview: Configurator
  • Data Sheet: Configurator


  • Setting Up Configurator


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  • Overview: Fulfillment Management
  • Data Sheet: Fulfillment Management
  • Data Sheet: UX One Overview



  • Fulfillment Management Implementation Guide

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  • Configuring the Outbound Inventory Management System


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  • Data Sheet: Customer Self Service
  • Overview: Customer Self Service



Increase Revenue From Every Sales Opportunity

Reduce Sales Order Entry and Processing Costs

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management helps you improve efficiency, which drives down the costs of sales order entry and processing.

End-to-End Solution

You can rapidly access complete information needed to configure products, evaluate pricing options, provide up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, verify delivery dates, calculate freight and tax, and check customer credit.

Increase Revenue from Every Sales Opportunity

Every sales situation presents the opportunity to increase revenues. With sales order management, you can manage sales opportunities in a better way.

UX One Roles for Sales Order Management

Customer Service Managers and Customer Service Representatives can access the UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information, thereby streamlining the sales order process.

Offering the Right Price for the Right Target Market

Implementing Powerful Pricing Strategies

Streamline the pricing setup for customers and items, leverage powerful grouping capabilities and user-defined price driver fields to create a more general pricing structure.

Aligning Pricing to Market Strategy

You can choose the best pricing strategy to meet the needs of specific customers and market segments.

Ensure Profitability and Consistency

Maintain prices and discounts in a centralized location, define preset margin boundaries, setup minimum and maximum price ranges for specific customers, groups, or items.

UX One for Advanced Pricing

Strategic Pricing Managers, Pricing Operations Managers, and Procurement Pricing Operations Managers can access the UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to determine and control prices and discounts, thereby managing even the most complex and volatile sales environments in an efficient and a cost-effective way.

Manage Partner Relationships for Your Entire Supply Chain

Get Real-time Details

Get real-time details helping you to continuously monitor agreement status and easily set up, change, and manage your partner.

Enhance Partner Relationships

Agreement Management enhances partner relationships by handling compliance in an efficient, organized manner.

Manage Transactions for Multiple Partnerships

Overcome the challenge to manage agreement terms and transactions for different partnering agreements to effectively manage your supply chain.

UX One Role-Based Pages Access

Access to UX One role-based pages enables Sales Agreement Manager and Procurement Agreement Manager to easily access, review, and act upon important information related to partners and partnerships.

Automate the Selection and Configuration of Highly Complex Products

Rules-Based Configuration for Multilevel Product Structures

This module provides your company with a diverse set of rules and validation algorithms that are managed without customization.

Product Setup Options

You determine how your products are configured, you define the features and options for each configured item.

Advanced Assembly Inclusion Rules

Includes advanced assembly inclusion rules for automatic creation of component purchase orders, expanded derived calculations formulas, smart part definitions, table processing, and external program references.

Product Validation

Along with setting up configurations of your product, this module also features cross-segment editing for dynamic product validation.

Optimize Delivery with Process and Rules-Driven Fulfillment

Define Tailored Rules

You can tailor fulfillment options by defining rules for customers and products to automatically populate the sales order with unique requirements.

Improved Customer Service and Reduced Administrative Costs

With fulfillment management, you improve customer service, drive down your cost of sales order processing, and improve efficiency.

Prioritize Demands

You can prioritize sales order lines, inventory assigning, partial order quantities assigning, and more helping you to meet customer expectations.

UX One Role for Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment Managers can access the UX One role-based pages to easily access, review, and act upon important information to prioritize and assign inventory to customer sales orders.

Streamlined Order-to-Cash Process

Reduced Inventory Holding Costs and Stock-outs

Eliminate the challenge of managing and holding inventory, you can directly move from your warehouse to the customer's location.

Acknowledge, Hold, and Return Inventory

Acknowledge the customer’s receipt of outbound inventory, hold inventory in a different location, or return damaged and unusable inventory back to you as the supplier using Return Material Authorization.

Automate Billing and Replenishment

Automate the process of billing and replenishment, eliminating the need to create orders manually.

UX One Roles for Outbound Inventory Management

VMI Account Managers and VMI Agreement managers can access UX One pages for their roles to easily access, review, and act upon important information to manage the order-to-cash process efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lower Costs By Extending More Convenience and Control to Customers

Extended Customer Service for Convenience and Control

You can give your customers controlled access to your organization based rules you define (restricted-access applications versions) providing them real-time information.

Personalized Access

It simplifies ordering for your customers as they have access to product catalogs, personalized order templates, and inventory availability.

Improved Customer Service and Reduced Costs

Customer self-service sites allows customers to get real-time information 24/7 year-round that significantly lowers your costs for routine transactions and inquiries.

Real-time Response

By providing your customers with fast and cost-effective access to your enterprise information—whenever and wherever they need it—you make it easier for them to do business with you.