Procurement and Subcontract Management

Facilitates supplier relationship management with integration of all purchasing activities, from replenishing strategic components to subcontracting outside services to buying spare parts and operating supplies.

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  • Overview: Supplier Self Service and Buyer Workspace
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  • Overview: Operational Sourcing
  • Data Sheet: Operational Sourcing



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  • Overview: Buyer Workspace
  • Data Sheet: Buyer Workspace



  • Buyer Workspace and Supplier Self Service Implementation Guide

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Maximized Profitability and Optimal Inventory Levels

Automate Procurement Processes

It streamlines the procurement processes by making all relevant information available online, simplifies supplier analysis and bidding, and eliminates unnecessary transactions.

End-to-End Visibility

You gain end-to-end visibility of the procurement process and unparalleled flexibility to define procurement order types and workflows that fit your business requirements.

Supplier Analysis

You can monitor trends for each supplier in critical areas of delivery, quality, and price; track lead times, perform quality analysis, compare inventories, and much more.

UX One for Procurement

Procurement Managers and Strategic Buyers can access UX One pages to receive important alerts, analyze data, and act on the information they see.

Simplify and Automate Employee Requisitioning Process

Automated Employee Requisitions

It automates employee requisitioning through an easy self-service web-shopping system. Employees can create, manage, and track their own orders in an intuitive web interface.

Streamlined Employee Ordering

With self-service ordering you can improve employee productivity, control buying, and eliminate error-prone paper processes.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Lower procurement costs by reducing transaction overhead, controlling maverick spending, and realizing the full value of your preferred supplier agreements.

UX One Role for Requisition Self Service

Requisition Managers can access UX One pages to receive important alerts, analyze data, and act on the information they see.

Improved Supplier Relationships and Responsiveness for Reduced Inventory Levels

Improved Supplier Relationships

Your suppliers can access timely and accurate information about their order or shipment—at their convenience, without having to wait for a response from purchasing.

Improved Supplier Response

Suppliers can manage quotes and purchase orders, view inventory information, notify you when shipments are in transit, view accounts payable, manage release schedules, view performance analysis, update their own user profiles, and more—all directly over the internet.

Automate and Standardize Sourcing Events Across Your Firm

Automated Sourcing Process

Automation of sourcing process streamlines the process of creating, publishing, analyzing, and awarding requests for information (RFIs) and requests for proposal (RFPs).

Make Your Sourcing Process a Competitive Advantage

An automated operational sourcing solution integrated to core enterprise applications can provide the consistency, simplicity, and speed required to make your sourcing process a competitive advantage.

Optimize Supplier Relationships with Real-time Alerts and Improved Procurement Processes

Streamlined Daily Responsibilities

Buyer Workspace improves the efficiency of day-to-day tasks such as purchase order processing.

Quick Exceptions Identification

With Buyer Workspace, you have the tools to spotlight changing supply chain conditions that require immediate attention.

Eliminate bottlenecks, Slowdowns, and Shortages

Buyer Workspace features proactive alerts that inform you of order and inventory conditions that are approaching critical thresholds. This helps you to proactively identify problems and address them before they affect.

Get Real-Time Status and Improve Ongoing Communication

Execution alerts enable you to monitor order progress as transactions move throughout your supply chain. It also offers information alerts that foster two-way communication with your suppliers so that you can forge tighter, more strategic relationships.

Manage Partner Relationships for Your Entire Supply Chain

Get Real-time Details

Get real-time details helping you to continuously monitor agreement status and easily set up, change, and manage your partner.

Enhance Partner Relationships

Agreement Management enhances partner relationships by handling compliance in an efficient, organized manner.

Manage Transactions for Multiple Partnerships

Overcome the challenge to manage agreement terms and transactions for different partnering agreements to effectively manage your supply chain.

UX One Role-Based Pages Access

Access to UX One role-based pages enables Sales Agreement Manager and Procurement Agreement Manager to easily access, review, and act upon important information related to partners and partnerships.