User Defined Objects (UDOs)

With Release 9.2, JD Edwards changed the entire paradigm of how objects work in EnterpriseOne, and introduced User Defined Objects, or UDOs. UDOs are web-based objects that you create in EnterpriseOne. By "you" we mean a Citizen Developer, like a business analyst, or even an end-user.

You can create an object for your own use, what we call personalizations, and, if your and others permissions have been set to do so, you can share it with other users.

Create Objects Using Web-Interface


    Improving Customer Experience

    You can create UDOs for your own use, view UDOs others have created, or share your UDOs so others can view and use them.

    Secure and Safe

    This feature enables you to implement security so you can determine which users can create UDOs, share them, and who can view shared UDOs.

What UDOs Can You Create?

The following UDOs are available from the EnterpriseOne interface. Click on the UDO name to access the resources that support that UDO: